Press release copywriting

Online or offline, press release copywriting is almost essential to your business growth. Media coverage of your company or organisation can generate huge consumer interest and create high authority back links that can turbo boost your SEO.

One of the most important tools in PR is the press release.  We can turn your press releases around super-quick.

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One of the most important tools in PR is the press release, and press release copywriting (also known as “PR writing” or “PR copywriting”) is a fundamental part of any professional copywriter’s skill set.

There are several online newswire services and news publishers that rely on good press release copywriting - ResponseSource and PRWeb, for example. A good PR writer knows how to sell a good story and good stories get picked up and published around the web, giving you hugely valuable links back to your site, as well as direct clickthrough from visitors looking to find out more.

In the context of the search marketing mix, PR is invaluable. A copywriter who understands both the media and search engines is a valuable find. 

Press release copywriting is part of our DNA

We’re lucky enough to have more experience as PR copywriters than most. Our founder Derryck Strachan spent the first three years of his career almost exclusively writing press releases for major record labels. He spent a further three years working in PR proper (still writing hundreds of press releases.)

Since he established Big Star Copywriting in 2005, we’ve written press releases for dozens of clients, suggesting new angles and turning around stories rapidly when events require a speedy response. They include Vonage, one of the world’s leading providers of VOIP telephony or Mascus, the international heavy machinery directory.

Being a good press release copywriter is about understanding what makes a good story

A press release copywriter needs to be able to get a journalist’s juices flowing without writing the story for them. They also need to understand what readers will find interesting. Good PR copywriting means being able to write a good headline that grabs the reader’s attention, structuring the content so that the essential facts of the story are delivered while alluding to the narrative that the journalist can build into a story.

Press release copywriting is about managing - and building - your reputation

A PR copywriter needs to understand your spin, to be able to represent your organisation in the best possible light whatever the circumstances. That requires a proper understanding of how your business works, who your customers are and the kind of issues you might face.

When it comes to your reputation you need to make sure that the press release copywriter you engage can develop a close professional relationship with you and your organisation. You need to be able to trust them and they need to be given time to understand how you work.

We know deadlines are critical and that getting the right message across is crucial

You need a press release copywriter that can give you a fast, appropriate response in an emergency and that can think strategically when planning a long-term campaign. Don’t just look for someone that can write a press release, look for a PR copywriter who can add value to your strategy, who has a view of the bigger picture and who knows how to integrate PR content into your wider internet marketing strategy.

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