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Online or offline, press release copywriting can be a huge driver of business growth. Traditional media coverage of your company or organisation can still generate huge consumer interest. Online PR is an invaluable part of the search marketing mix, generating high authority backlinks that can turbo boost your SEO as well as direct clickthrough from visitors looking to find out more.

Our press release writers can give you a fast, appropriate response in an emergency and can think strategically when planning a long-term campaign. Most of all, our expert PR writers know how to tell a good story. And good stories get picked up and published.

Here are three reasons to use our press release writing service.

Written by qualified, experienced writers

We write hard-hitting press releases that represent your brand in the best possible light and gets people excited about what you’re doing.

Ready to publish press releases

Press releases are rigorously reviewed by our in-house editors. They arrive fully formatted and ready to distribute via your PR network.

We understand your business

Good press releases require a proper understanding of how your business works, who your customers are and the kind of issues you might face.

Manage and build your reputation

When you’ve got big news, you want to spread it in the most positive and effective way possible. One of the best ways to do so is via a press release. They have a long history in the marketing industry, and they were a popular tool long before digital channels came into existence. Though they have their roots in print, press releases are just as important today and perform essentially the same function – making the world aware that your business is doing something worthy of attention.

On-brand press release writing

Among other things, press releases can be used to publicise events, product launches, new hires and successes at prestigious awards ceremonies. To get the most from them, you need a press release writer who specialises in creating hard-hitting copy that represents your brand in the best possible light and gets people excited about what you’re doing. Press release writing requires a distinct set of skills, as it’s a format with its own stylistic quirks. At Big Star, our team of talented copywriters includes several writers who specialise in PR.

We know what makes a good story

A press release writer needs to be able to get a journalist’s juices flowing without writing the story for them. They also need to understand what readers will find interesting.

We know how to write a good headline that grabs the reader’s attention, and how to structure the content so that the essential facts of the story are delivered. Because we know PR, we’re also experts in alluding to a narrative that the journalist can build into a story.

Our press release writing service will represent your organisation in the best possible light – whatever the circumstances. That requires a proper understanding of how your business works, who your customers are and the kind of issues you might face. Together, we can help build and manage your reputation both on and off-line.

Press release copywriting service key features

Native expertise

Our press release writers are native English speakers with PR experience.

Professional editors

We use an in-house editorial team to guarantee error-free copy

Ready to upload

Press releases are fully formatted and ready to publish

Brand friendly

We aim to understand your brand tone of voice and deliver a consistent identity for all press releases

Account management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager for every project

Engaging headlines

We know how to write a good headline that grabs the reader’s attention

What our clients say

"I have been personally working with Big Star for over 6 months now, and must say they have been fantastic! The content is excellent, with the tone of voice being on point every time - I couldn't be happier. Plus, they are good for getting content back to you on time - Bonus!"
Ryan Thaker
Marketing Executive, Mattress Next Day
“Big Star are fantastic to work with. Always flexible and ready to help, they constantly work to our tight deadlines without a hitch and deliver great quality content for our daily deals website at a very competitive price. Would recommend them to anyone!”
Sally Hackman
Senior Copywriter, Mighty Deals

Frequently asked questions

Press releases keep customers up to date with what’s happening with your company and raise awareness of your brand amongst potential customers. They’re a valuable part of your marketing strategy and can be used to significant effect when they’re created and communicated professionally.

They are also an established source of information amongst those who are vital to generating further publicity. Just take a look at a few of these eye-opening stats.

  • 100% of journalists say that their number one way of finding stories is via press releases (10Yetis).
  • They are journalists’ single most trusted source of information (Cision).
  • Thanks to backlinking and SEO, press releases can significantly impact your visibility, even if they’re not picked up by mainstream media (Forbes).

We’ve made working with Big Star as easy as possible by streamlining our processes and ensuring our team’s as agile as possible. Generally, working with our press release writing service looks something like this:

1. Reach out to the Big Star team – The first step is to get in touch with our team via phone or our contact form. It doesn’t matter if you’re not entirely sure what type of press release or copy you require, as we’ll advise and guide you to the best way to meet your aims and objectives.

2. Tell us about yourself – Once we’re past the introductions stage, we’ll begin by finding out a little more about your company. Context is critical when creating copy that sounds and feels like it’s written by your brand. So we’ll talk to you about the wider industry in which you operate, what you hope to achieve with your press release and what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

3. Building the brief – Now that we understand what your business is all about, we’ll get more detail-oriented. This is where we work out project specifics, such as the length of the document, where it will be published and SEO requirements. From these details, we’ll construct a comprehensive brief for our writers.

4. Assigning press release writers – Next, we match your business with the Big Star writer that best meets your needs. Sometimes, we choose a writer because they have relevant industry expertise. On other occasions, they’re picked because they’re the best fit for your brand’s voice. Having assigned the writer(s) to the project, we’ll brief them, and they’ll start the first draft.

5. Proofing, revisions and edits – All of our writers’ work is passed through our in-house proofing process, so you’re guaranteed high-quality, error-free copy every time. Once the first draft is finished and proofed, we’ll send it to you for approval. If you want any revisions or edits made, we’re happy to do so. But we’re also pretty sure you’ll love what our writers can do the first time around.

The great thing about press releases is that they’re typically pretty short and usually get straight to the point. That means we can turn work around remarkably quickly. While particularly complex press releases may take a little longer, our flexible and versatile team is used to putting out top-quality work in relatively short timeframes. If you would like a precise time frame for your press releases, get in touch, let us know what you need, and we’ll give you a more accurate estimation.

At Big Star, we’re not too keen on blowing our own trumpet. But needs must, so here are five reasons you should choose us as your press release writing service.

1. We have the experience you need. We’ve been working with big-name brands for almost 20 years. Over that period, we’ve honed our methods and refined our processes to allow us to meet the needs of our clients in the most effective way possible.

2. We’re experts at understanding your business. Great copywriters speak in your brand’s voice. But that takes practice and a lot of skill. Fortunately, we have plenty of both.

3. We do more with less. PR requires writers to do a lot with relatively few words. But that doesn’t mean they can be any less informative or engaging. We make sure every word serves a purpose.

4. We’re a holistic copywriting service. We’re not just copywriters. Our team’s comprised of SEO specialists and marketing geniuses, so we can help you with every aspect of the content creation process.

5. We’re all about forging long-term partnerships. It may start with a press release, but we like to build professional relationships with customers that can last years. How do we do it? By consistently offering excellent value.

Get in touch

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