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Grammar in SEO copywriting

Website grammar examples - Shows examples of grammar

Website grammar in SEO copywriting is crucial to making sure your content appeals to both your customers and search engines. Recent updates to how Google analyses content means that you can no longer rely on your copy mentioning your target keyword throughout. Instead, Google wants quality content, with a good user experience and that your […]

Insurance Marketing Case Study – Content Marketing for Park Insurance

CASE STUDY Content Marketing for Park Insurance – An insurance copywriting case study Working with an established insurance company has it’s own unique challenges and opportunities. Providing dynamic content marketing to Park Insurance not only meant understanding the difference between gap insurance and no claims protection (plus an array of other insurance products) it also […]

Case Study: SEO Copywriting For minicabit

Case Study: SEO Copywriting

We’re always very interested to know how our work has gone down after the copy has been signed off.  Getting the words right and the tone of voice is one thing, but what about the impact on SEO, sales, and conversions? And to what extent do doubts about working with an agency come into play […]

How to write a better hyperlink

Our SEO copywriter explains how to choose better words to use in your links – both to and on your website – to benefit your readers and your SEO.