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    Back in 2005, our very first client was Millbank Court, a premium residential building in SW1. Since then we’ve worked as a property copywriter for dozens of clients in the property sector.

    More recently we’ve worked through property sector marketing specialists GrowthTrack for estate agents including Brian Lack & Co and NextMove in Islington; for Letting4Success , a training company for letting agents; for retail store designers Space200 and for the property management site News On The Block. All these clients have embraced a mature attitude toward content and online marketing very much in keeping with Google’s latest updates, which have shown that good quality content should be at the heart of any online marketing effort.

    Experience in helping property companies get better results online

    When it comes to online marketing, the needs of estate agents, property management companies, investors, builders and architects have changed significantly in the last few years. Back then most of our property copywriting clients were looking for small brochure websites that they could direct their clients to. Our job was to make sure their proposition, story and values were conveyed with professionalism and clarity.

    While these fundamentals are still important, most property businesses with any interest in succeeding online have realised that they need more than just a good looking website. They need content that is useful and engaging to site users, they need an active strategy for being found on search engines and increasingly a meaningful way of reaching people through social media. It makes sense to engage a property copywriter who understands the power of content marketing.

    “We approached Big Star Copywriting because of their expertise in writing high quality search-friendly copy. Aside from their high standards in terms of reliability, consistency and communication, what really struck us is the intelligence and level of detail in their work. Thanks to them we now enjoy some of the most enviable search engine positions for our main keywords and also have strengthened our own reputation for providing the highest quality content for our visitors.”

    Rory James MacLaren-Jackson

    Director, Property Agency Training

    What can a property copywriter do for you?

    • Find the keywords that work for you. We identify the best phrases for your budget, balancing worthwhile traffic with competitiveness.
    • Tell your story. A well-told story is the best way of conveying your values, your history and your core proposition. It’s the foundation of your brand.
    • Answer your customers’ or clients’ questions. It’s no longer enough to give people a list of what you do. FAQs, guides, news stories and blog posts are a way of educating your customers on what you do, demonstrating your expertise AND helping you get found on search engines.
    • Help you get found. Speaking of search engines, there are a number of ways our content can help you get better results. These include posting regular content such as blogs, posting free authoritative content on third party sites (guest blogging) and creating on-site content targeted at long tail keywords.

    The power of targeted content for property businesses


    Pre-recession most of our online work in the property sector came from the finance side of things. Mortgage companies and comparison sites were at the cutting edge of search marketing and working through agency partners we wrote articles, blogs and press releases for companies like Tesco Finance, Tesco Compare, ASDA, Crystal Clear Home Loans, MPG Investments and others.

    Consumer facing property services like plumbers, electricians and other trades were also quick to realise that targeted, optimised content could play a critical part in dominating the online space and we produced large volumes of content for companies like Aspect Maintenance and IQ Plumbing (both through MediaRun Search). One important strategy here was in creating regionally targeted pages aimed at location specific keywords (e.g. “xxxx in Basildon”, “xxxx in South East London”). That strategy can still be a very powerful way of broadening your reach through search and property copywriting is almost certainly the most important component.

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