Get sensory with your copywriting

8th September 2014Web Copywriting

Have you ever read copywriting like this before? We are an innovative world-class leader in service solutions Yep. Bet you have. In fact, you’ve probably seen this text on anything from banks to grocers. The words themselves are so overused that they have lost any meaning. But they are out there, creeping into your subconscious … Read More

4 sure-fire ways to spot lazy website copywriting

26th August 2014Web Copywriting

Maybe you’re looking out for competitors who are a little lazy with their website copywriting. Or maybe you just have a niggling feeling that there is something not quite right with the copy on a website you’re looking at. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to spot lazy website copywriting to look out for. 1. The copy … Read More

Using content curation to beat the web copywriter blues

6th August 2014Content Strategy

In the mad world of content curation, marketing and copywriting, it’s a good day when you get ideas for your next piece of content for little. Let today, then, be a good day for you because where you get some content from might just get a little easier. I’m talking about content curation. Content curation … Read More

How to win conversions and influence clicks with copywriting

15th July 2014Copywriting

You’ve likely heard about (or read) a certain book that explains why some people are so successful at networking and gaining those all-important connections. Whatever your thoughts on the content, to me the advice in that seminal resource boils down to one simple truth that all people working with copywriting must heed in their work: … Read More

Content sources you didn’t know you had

8th July 2014Content Marketing, Content Strategy

If there is one thing that unites modern marketers it is the need for content sources. This need is so vast, that companies are sinking an ever-larger share of the marketing budget into creating content. Yet, no matter how organised and streamlined the process may be, there are still dry spells in the content creation … Read More