Guest blogging services.

Guest blogging can be a very powerful way to increase your reach, forge effective partnerships, build backlinks and increase traffic to your site.

It’s all about the right relationships and the right content.  We can manage all of this.  For you.

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We’ll put you in the spotlight.

Guest blogging offers a range of benefits…

  • Builds powerful backlinks
  • Increases brand profile and, as a result, improves search ranking
  • Pulls traffic from sites your prospects already read
  • Generates social conversation and sharing

…however, it’s not for everyone.

  • It’s a premium service that demands experience and takes time to deliver results
  • It’s not about throwing content at loads of sites and hoping something sticks
  • It demands a mature, far-sighted attitude to SEO and content marketing

If you take a considered and intelligent approach to guest blogging, SEO and PR, we’d love to work with you.

Taking the time to do it right.

Guest blogging that works.

Our approach to guest blogging combines both copywriting and PR.

Our PR pros will talk directly to top editors, publishers, journalists and bloggers to secure you coverage. We focus on authority and credibility, which means considering profile, relevance and leadership – not just hitting obvious industry targets.

Content that increases your reach.

We’ll look at all the possible editorial angles to promote your brand and increase your reach, from business profiles through to first-person stories and case studies.

Our main focus is free placement, but we’ll also let you know about opportunities for paid-for guest blogs and advertorials, if we think they’re right for you.

Here’s how it works.

Two-way, all the way.

Having found the right publication, we propose article titles to fit their editorial requirements.

We’ll consult you about every request, and always submit our content to you for approval before we submit it for publication.

It’s a two-way process designed to ensure everyone involved gets exactly what they want from every placement.

You’re always in the loop.

You’ll receive weekly or monthly reports (your choice) detailing the publications we’re targeting, the requests we’ve received and, most importantly, the posts that have gone live, so you can keep track of links to your site.

Everything’s transparent, so you can rest assured every link is from authoritative sites with good reputations.

A few key facts…

  • Your research and relationship building will be carried out by an experienced account manager. All your content will be written by experienced writers based in the UK.
  • The minimum contract term is three months.
  • Prices start at £400+VAT pcm for two to three guest blogs.
  • Although guest blogging is available as a standalone service, it works best as part of our full-service PR offering, and complemented by social media marketing.

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