I have a friend who loves DIY. He has remodelled each room of his home each year for the past 4 years. But apart from painting and wallpapering, there are many things that he has decided are either: a) worth the cost rather than spending the time doing it himself, or b) too complicated or skilled to do himself (like plastering).

So, my question to you is this: are professional copywriting services worthwhile to you, or would you rather do it yourself?

The value of DIY copywriting

When you are being your own copywriter, you might  not be thinking about how much you are investing in your content. I devised this little thought experiment to help you work out what you’re investing in your content.

Let’s take the average webpage of 400 words and say that it takes you about an hour and a half to write that page. You write 2 pages every week (a blog post and a news article).

1.5 hours x 2 = 3 hours per week or 12 hours per month.

How much are you paid (or do you pay yourself) per hour? Let’s be conservative and guess that it’s £15 per hour before taxes and deductions.

12 hours per month x £15 = £180 per month.

Now that is just in writing costs alone. There’s the planning, figuring out how to be an SEO copywriter, and the editing time too. Plus, those hours are 12 hours per month that you could be doing other tasks.

Learning about SEO, planning and editing: 4 hours per month x £15 = £60
12 hours lost productivity in other areas x £15 = £180

Your DIY total is a conservative £420 per month or £5040 per year. And that’s if you only earn £15 per hour. If you earn a better wage, then your investment is greater.

Had you thought of your content that way before?

The value of professional copywriting services

If you took your yearly DIY budget and hired a freelance copywriter, you’d get professionally written blogs, webpages, articles, press releases, sales letters. You name it.

You’d also get more content per week, because pro writers typically take less time and therefore charge less money per piece of work. In fact, for that same budget, you could probably get 3 pieces of online content per week – every week of the year. SEO comes with the job, so you wouldn’t need to worry about it.

The best part of hiring someone else to do your copywriting for you is that you get to spend your time doing the other work you have to do, including taking time off to go on holiday with your family.

More time + more copy + professionally written + whenever you need it, all year round = Great Investment

What do you think?

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