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We work with brilliant agencies like you to make your clients' websites and blogs better. Our writers know how to win readers over with valuable content, and our experience means we deliver on time, on budget and on brand, every time.

The result? A reliable, quality supply of content that makes your agency and clients look the business.

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    Blog & content creation

    Provide your clients with a regular, quality stream of content for blogs, social media and email outreach.

    • Written by sector specialist UK copywriters
    • Skilfully optimised and formatted for search
    • Designed to build authority and drive organic traffic

    Web copywriting

    Expertly written, optimised web content to increase conversions and boost engagement.

    • Blends seamlessly with your client's brand
    • Experienced ecommerce copywriters who know how to make products stand out from the crowd
    • Large volume, short turnaround specialists

    Product descriptions

    Compelling, convincing product descriptions, category pages and product guides to increase sales and improve ranking

    • 15 years' experience delivering large volumes of product copy quickly and accurately
    • Authentic, original copy that builds trust and credibility for your ecommerce clients
    • Flexible delivery scalable to monthly, quarterly, seasonal or annual product catalogue updates

    Why us?

    Big Star Copywriting has been a content writing service for search and digital agencies in the UK and internationally since 2005. That's, like, aaaaagggges ago. Back in the stone age of digital marketing. For reference the first iPhone was released in 2007. Imagine us like one of those chimpanzees at the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey throwing the bone in the air. Yeah. That's us. Kind of.

    Not to blow our own trumpet but we've been a content writing agency almost since the beginning, certainly since before everyone started talking about content marketing, conversion rate optimisation, mobile first and all that shizzle. Back then it was just "SEO copywriting". SEO people just posted articles on directories and got number one on the SERPs virtually within the week. God, if only it were that easy nowadays.

    Nearly a decade and a half later, we're still an affordable, reliable option when you need quality copy produced quickly and within your budget.

    We know how boring that sounds. And we'll throw our hands up – we're boringly reliable.

    How do we sum up the parts of Big Star? The best we've come up with is that we're the Volvo of creative content agencies – we're not flashy, we're not sexy but we'll get you where you want to go safely and without breaking the bank.

    Are we the right fit for you?

    While others might be dreaming of Innocent wackaging or coming up with controversial ways to sell razor blades, we’re busy working on our superfast response times and a spot on content writing service for when you need large volumes of product descriptions, travel destination pages, service pages or blog articles. Effective, quality copy with monotonous regularity and consistency.

    Not that we can't do creative but you know what we're driving at.

    You get slammed with 500 landing pages for a travel company that you need back within a month: we're there.

    You need someone to put together a 5000 word guide on marine insurance: we're there.

    You need a team of writers to create 10,000 stationery product descriptions with exacting brand guidelines and precise instructions on keyword placement: we're there.

    You need a blog on disability scooters at the last minute because your previous writer let you down: we're there.

    You need someone to blue sky a new packaging concept for a wooden laptop? Not so much.

    You get the idea. We're a content writing agency you can rely on. So let's be grindingly efficient about this (sorry, we just can't help it) and get to business: want a quote on your project or a free sample? Drop us a line now or call us on 01803 865025

    Just don't expect a crazy video pitch like they do at Hubspot. We'll give you a tediously straightforward, plain English response to your enquiry, usually within the hour.

    Big Star Copywriting - our content writing service means business

    Our content writing services repeatedly exceed our customers’ expectations because we’ve spent the last 15 years ensuring our team is a well-oiled machine that’s packed full of world-class talent.

    It all starts with your account manager. Every Big Star customer is assigned one, as they’re responsible for liaising with all the involved parties, creating a content schedule that reflects your requirements and briefing our roster of experienced writers. If you have any questions or want to discuss your copywriting needs, they’re the person to go to.

    Our writers are all selected for their ability to accurately respond to briefs, consistently produce high-quality content and adapt their style to your organisation’s tone of voice. They’re experts in their chosen field and, as long as you’re happy with their output, they’ll continue to work on your blogs and website, ensuring consistency and making the content creation process that much more efficient.

    Our creative content service includes the following features:

    • All copywriters are native English speakers and SEO-trained
    • An editorial team that refines and corrects content before delivery
    • Receive all your copy formatted and ready for publication
    • A consistent tone of voice across all content types and every channel
    • Your account manager guarantees easy communication
    • Flexible amends policy means you're always happy with the end product
    • We deliver optimised content, including metadata


    Some of our clients

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