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How to Write An About Us Page – A Complete Guide

About us page design and examples - Shows a beach at dusk - How to write an About Us page

In a previous blog, we revealed our content checklist for new websites and the About page came in at the top as one of the foundations that underpin your site’s credibility and SEO strategy. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d dive in and take a closer look at what makes this page so […]

25 of the Best Tone of Voice Examples

Tone of voice examples - Shows a microphone

Making an impression that lasts in your content marketing is crucial for developing brand loyalty. But how do you do it? You’ve got to be memorable. And by creating and sticking to the distinctive tone of voice guidelines, your customers will keep coming back for more. In this blog, we look at why your tone […]

20 great ways to improve your copywriting skills

Improving your copywriting skills - Shows a library of books

You may be new to the world of Copywriting, or you may have time to spare and want to level up your know-how. With the new year fast approaching, there’s no better time to put improving your skills on top of your list. And with thousands of resources online and a million things to read, […]

Website Copywriting in 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

Your website is the shop front of your business. First impressions matter and the words you use hold significant influence – on traffic, search results, conversions, engagement, user journey, newsletter sign-ups and customer retention. In other words, your copy will affect the success of virtually every aspect of your online marketing.  This website copywriting guide […]

Our Complete Travel Copywriting Guide – Selling a Destination with Words

Travel copywriting guide - Shows a dimly lit street in Japan

“Live life with no excuses. Travel with no regret.” Oscar Wilde Over 80% of travel planning is done using the Internet. Year-on-year, this number is growing. As an online travel agent or holiday provider, everything you do needs to sell the dream. People want to see the world; they want to make memories. When holidays […]

Persuasive Copywriting Techniques to Level Up Your Writing

Copywriters exist to write great copy. And great copy exists to persuade its readers to act. The right words are the difference between successfully convincing a customer to depart with their cash and heading straight back to the search results. Everyone wants to increase their conversion rates and revenue, and persuasive copywriting is key. This […]

Copywriting 101: Back to Basics Copywriting for Beginners

Copywriting for beginners - Shows a skyscraper in construction

#Copywriting has over 306 million views on TikTok, and a large majority of the tagged videos dub copywriting as the next big side hustle that is set to make you thousands. With a want to break away from the 9-5, creators on the video-sharing app note that copywriting is an easy way to increase your […]

20 essential skills every copywriter must have

Essential copywriting skills - Shows a crowd at a seminar

Copywriting is an underrated art. Nearly anyone can string a few words together to create a sentence. And sometimes a sentence is all you need to effectively convey a message. But not everyone can craft a sentence that packs a punch; or one that will draw in your reader, keep them engaged and prompt them […]

5 great duplicate content checkers

Duplicate content checkers - Shows a magnifying glass looking at a city

Duplicate content is an SEO no-no. It confuses search engines, leaving them unable to figure out which pages to prioritise in the rankings. It’s likely to deter potential customers as well. If a quick Google search results in pages and pages of very similar or the same content, you’d be pretty frustrated too. But there […]

Funny Copywriting Examples – How to use humour in your writing

Funny copywriting examples - Shows a microphone on a stage

Humour is a fantastic marketing tool; it’s a great way to connect with your audience and build a loyal customer base who buy into your brand’s personality. Despite Claude Hopkin’s well-known advice that brands should avoid humour (as he writes in his book Scientific Advertising,) businesses that use humour well can see positive results. However, […]

Our catalogue copywriting guide – How to improve your catalogue sales copy

Catalogue copywriting guide - Shows an open catalogue

Are print catalogues still relevant in 2022? Despite the rise of e-commerce, there is still a need for catalogues. Catalogues have the potential to showcase trends, show the products in action and importantly, break through the digital noise. Catalogues have a longer lifespan than marketing emails. For brands you love, flicking through their catalogue can […]

How to conduct a copywriting audit for your website

Copywriting audit - Shows two people discussing strategy

You’ve got a good website, your design is clean, and easy to navigate. Yet, you’re not getting much website traffic and, when you do, it’s not leading to the sales you want. It’s time to conduct a copywriting audit for your website and get it working for your business. Your website is the equivalent shop […]

How to find a copywriter for your business

how to choose a copywriter - Shows silhouettes of people on a hill

Investing in your content marketing should be a priority for 2022. And why? It offers an impressive ROI with up to 6x more website conversions, it is crucial for a solid sales funnel, and when done right, it’s virtually guaranteed to improve your search ranking. For 14 more reasons why read this blog. But now […]

Effective copywriting examples: bring your website to life

Website copywriting examples - Looking up at a skyscraper

There are precise requirements for good SEO copywriting and, in an omnichannel world, the importance of brand consistency across all your platforms is something that must not be overlooked. Well-written and perfectly executed website copy will enable you to capture leads, grab the attention of your target audience, and grow your loyal customer base. But […]

How to write an executive summary

How to write an executive summary - Shows Scrabble letters spelling 'summary'

Struggling to find the words for your executive summary? Don’t sweat – it can be one of the hardest parts of any business document to get right. We’ve got it covered – here is our detailed guide on how to write an executive summary. But first, what is an executive summary? HubSpot defines an executive […]

How to write a blog post quickly and effectively

How to write a blog post - Shows a inspirational quote sign

Are you making the most of your site’s blog? Or is blogging often left off your content marketing strategy? You’re missing a trick if you said yes to the latter. And why? Marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. Those are crazy results that you NEED to be making the […]

Writing copy for new websites – Our content checklist

Writing copy for new websites - Shows a woman typing on a laptop

Your website is your storefront for the world and one of the best sales tools your company can use. First impressions are everything. You need to be sure your site creates the right impact on the potential customer. As well as an attractive and user-friendly design and layout, writing compelling website copy is integral to […]

How to become a Copywriter (UK)

How to become a copywriter in the UK - Shows a writer at work

Are you looking for a career change? Or perhaps writing has always been a passion you’ve wished to follow? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide on how to become a copywriter in the UK. The copywriting landscape Following the coronavirus pandemic, the freedom of working from home and making your own hours as […]

How to write a business report

How to write a business report

“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen” – Michelle Obama An objective, well-researched business report will help you make data-driven decisions that make you less vulnerable to things going wrong.  With the right brief, research and data at their fingertips, a good copywriter will present the authority of […]

Our top 10 tips for effective B2B copywriting – How to write for a B2B brand

Tips for effective B2B copywriting - Shows man with laptop

“We’re great and here are the reasons why”.  Buyers will quickly switch off to suppliers that just want to talk about themselves. They want you show them how your solution solves their problems. The halcyon days of the B2B sales rep on the road have long gone.  Buyers are online and they have control of […]

9 ways to INSTANTLY improve any written business communication

written business communication

Whatever sector you’re in and whatever role you play in your company, accurate, effective and compelling written communications are a crucial factor in success. It might be a press release, a new product launch presentation, training materials for sales staff, product descriptions or any customer-facing copy – whatever you’re writing, good copy has the power […]

How to write screen-reader friendly content

As a business you want to provide an inclusive user experience so that your content is accessible to everyone. This includes people with sensory, cognitive, learning or physical difficulties that use assistive technology like screen readers. There are almost 14 million disabled people in the UK (22% of the population). People use screen readers for other reasons […]

How to Outsource Your Copywriting

Content – a single word that has changed marketing strategies and consumer expectations on brand relationships for good. Purposeful content has become synonymous with the most effective marketing tactics. There has been a seismic shift away from sales messages to put customer information needs first. Businesses from all sectors are now required to create an […]

Online Copyright Law – the Complete Guide

In the world of the printed word, copyright is well established and quite clearly defined – copyright is automatically assigned to the creator of a piece of work, unless they have signed that copyright over to another party. Any unlicensed and unauthorised use of that work is considered an infringement of copyright and the original […]

Case Study: SEO Copywriting for NCP

Case Study SEO Copywriting

Leading car park brand NCP came to us looking for help with: SEO copywriting Events and attractions landing pages Geolocation pages They wanted to enhance their user experience and also get better results with their SEO. How did it go? After delivering the copy for this project a few months ago, we decided to go […]

How Content Marketing Can Work For Insurance Brands

Insurance Content Marketing

Let’s face it – insurance isn’t always seen as the most exciting of industries, but that doesn’t mean insurance content can’t be engaging and highly relevant to people’s lives. As a sector, you might think there’s not a lot that distinguishes one brand from another (especially on the comparison sites). But research indicates that it’s the […]

Insurance Marketing Case Study – Content Marketing for Park Insurance

CASE STUDY Content Marketing for Park Insurance – An insurance copywriting case study Working with an established insurance company has it’s own unique challenges and opportunities. Providing dynamic content marketing to Park Insurance not only meant understanding the difference between gap insurance and no claims protection (plus an array of other insurance products) it also […]

Product Description Infographic: The Anatomy Of A Product Page

Product Page Infographic

If you take a look at the product descriptions of any successful e-commerce brand – from the Amazons and Asos’ of the world, to smaller yet flourishing websites, they share many things in common. This is no coincidence – it’s the result of making decisions to do more of what works and less of what […]

Case Study: SEO Copywriting For minicabit

Case Study: SEO Copywriting

We’re always very interested to know how our work has gone down after the copy has been signed off.  Getting the words right and the tone of voice is one thing, but what about the impact on SEO, sales, and conversions? And to what extent do doubts about working with an agency come into play […]