Content sources you didn’t know you had

8th July 2014Content Marketing, Content Strategy

If there is one thing that unites modern marketers it is the need for content sources. This need is so vast, that companies are sinking an ever-larger share of the marketing budget into creating content. Yet, no matter how organised and streamlined the process may be, there are still dry spells in the content creation … Read More

Top 5 must-have skills in digital marketing & PR

28th April 2014Content Marketing

The importance of real time digital marketing & PR and the proliferation of digital tools and social networks have changed the skills your business needs to succeed with digital marketing. Don’t get us wrong, the traditional marketing skills are not dead – you still need to understand audiences and how to create a campaign.   … Read More

Content marketing: how to leverage online content when you don’t sell online

15th April 2014Content Marketing

The internet has changed the way that many businesses do business and think about online content. Over the past decade e-commerce has gone from being a buzzword to a global marketplace expected to be worth $1.5 trillion by the end of the year ( There are millions of businesses cashing in on the opportunity to … Read More

Is your Digital Marketing Budget Reaching all the Right Areas?

3rd March 2014Content Marketing

In the past two decades, digital marketing has gone from being an exciting new suite of tools for businesses to promote themselves, to an essential part of any marketing strategy. And all signs suggest that it’s continuing to grow in importance to businesses. According to Econsultancy and Responsys’ ‘Marketing Budgets Report 2014’, 71% of businesses … Read More

A Newsjacking ‘How To’ For Content Writers

16th January 2014Content Marketing

A while back we wrote a post about newsjacking, what it is and what to watch out for when you are using this strategy in your content marketing. That caused a bit of stir and we received enough questions that we thought we would address the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of using this approach in your … Read More

Are You Integrating Your Online Marketing?

13th January 2014Content Marketing, Content Strategy

Businesses today have an unprecedented range of tools at their disposal with which to promote themselves and their services. From all-singing and dancing websites to social media, email marketing and PPC advertising, the internet has bestowed a rich bounty upon 21st century marketers; a veritable cornucopia of methods for getting marketing messages out there. But … Read More

Five Content Marketing Predictions for 2014

6th January 2014Content Marketing

In the past couple of years, content marketing has moved on from being the next big thing in digital marketing to being something that no business or online copywriter can afford to ignore. The question is no longer, “should we be engaged in content marketing,” it’s, “how can we keep up with the competition and … Read More

Copywriting trends for 2014

13th December 2013Content Marketing

Way back at the beginning of the year, we did what any good marketing blog would do. We put our writing on the line and attempted to predict what would happen in the coming year. How did we do? Well…not too bad, actually. We said that content marketing would become commonplace (check), and that businesses … Read More

Content Marketing Tips from a Property Copywriter

28th August 2013Content Marketing, Property Copywriting

If you’re running a property letting website or similar you may be wondering how you can increase your traffic and reach out to prospective clients. The simple answer is content marketing. Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like – the creation of content for the purposes of marketing and its dissemination over the internet. Such content may include … Read More

Content marketing techniques for SEO copywriting

3rd June 2013Content Marketing, SEO Copywriting

If you’re seeking fresh inspiration for your SEO copywriting try tapping into techniques used by content marketers. Like SEO, Content Marketing is a potent form of business marketing. It specifically involves creating relevant, useful information to attract and maintain a clearly defined target audience. It is not an overt sales pitch like a traditional advertisement but aims to … Read More

Is the Sun Setting on SEO Copywriting?

17th May 2013Content Marketing, SEO Copywriting

It seems like not a week goes by these days without some blog or other boldly proclaiming ‘SEO is dead’. If you’ve heard these rumours of its demise then you may well be wondering why you should invest your hard-earned money in SEO copywriting for your website. But just how much truth is there in these headline grabbing proclamations? … Read More